Los Angeles again

Not long back from LA. This time I was on a UKTI Trade Sync Mission, with about 50 other music industry people from Britain, mainly from record labels and publishing. Most of the meetings were in Studio A of the Capitol Building – an iconic place! We had panel sessions with lots of speakers from TV, advertising, publishing, games, and general music supervision. One of the games panellists had met me a few times before, and when I asked a question in his panel session, he said he liked my music a lot, which felt good, though it would feel even better if he hired me to do some music for him. Thanks anyway, Mike!
There was also a visit to meet some of the music people at Disney, and an industry Garden Party at the British Consul’s house, but the highlight of the week was being on the winning team of Monday night’s music quiz. Phil Legg was the mainstay of the team, but I did my share – both of us were taking it very seriously. And the champagne tasted good!!


Just finished music for a MoFilm competition entry. (MoFilm run competitions for filmmakers to create ads for world-leading brands – with cash prizes!). I wrote music last year for a Campbells Soup ad which made 3rd place in a competition run in conjunction with the London Film Festival. This year’s ad was for AoL and the music started samba, changed to electronica, and finished classic hard rock – all in 60 seconds!


I’m currently preparing for a trip to Los Angeles to attend two conferences – Billboard Film & TV Music and the Taxi Road Rally. I have about two weeks between these events, and am trying to set up meetings with industry contacts old and new. If you’re in LA and want to meet me, now is the time to let me know! I’ll be there from the 22nd October till the 11th November.

This Is Steve promo

I’m just finishing the music for a half hour promo for a TV series. Here is the official description:

This Is Steve is a single camera, half hour comedy series set in London.
The Story: a small town American boy flies to London to win back his
childhood sweetheart…shocking both her and her secret British boyfriend.
The pilot features the talents of Larry Lamb (Eastenders, Gavin &
Stacey), Hamza Jeetooa (Combat Hospital, The Thick of It, Luther),
Aryana Ramkhalawon (Waterloo Road), and Jazzie (My Murder, Anuvahood).
 It also has a snarky narrator, flashbacks, fantasy sequences, and a
couple of imaginary friends thrown in for good measure.  Ultimately,
it’s a love story.  A funny one.

There is a screening for cast and Industry in London on the 10th September. Channel 4 has expressed an interest, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed…