This Is Steve promo

I’m just finishing the music for a half hour promo for a TV series. Here is the official description:

This Is Steve is a single camera, half hour comedy series set in London.
The Story: a small town American boy flies to London to win back his
childhood sweetheart…shocking both her and her secret British boyfriend.
The pilot features the talents of Larry Lamb (Eastenders, Gavin &
Stacey), Hamza Jeetooa (Combat Hospital, The Thick of It, Luther),
Aryana Ramkhalawon (Waterloo Road), and Jazzie (My Murder, Anuvahood).
 It also has a snarky narrator, flashbacks, fantasy sequences, and a
couple of imaginary friends thrown in for good measure.  Ultimately,
it’s a love story.  A funny one.

There is a screening for cast and Industry in London on the 10th September. Channel 4 has expressed an interest, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed…

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